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Looking for medical information?  You have come to the right place.  The purpose of Best Medical Options to help people understand ALL of their options - not just the most common treatments like Rx, surgery, or chemotherapy. 

Hi, I am Dr Jason West and I am your host of this website.  I love it when people know all of their medical options.  When you know all of the treatment options fo your condition, you will make the right treatment choice. 

Best Medical Options is a website that provides education for your information about treatment interventions for arthritis,  the flu, Lyme disease, and autoimmune conditions.  We are constantly adding new content.  

See our information links below. 

Curing Arthritis Program

The Best FREE information on artthritis on the internet.  

Fantastic video series, click on the picture for access.  

Best Arthritis Info, click here

Autoimmune Program

Why does your body all of the sudden atttack itself?  What happens?  Why does the medical world give you CHEMOTHERAPY/ . 

What if autoimmune is really not self attacking? 

Autoimmune Info

Lyme Disease

Did you know that Lyme disease is the "great imitattor?"  Learn why they call Dr West the "Lyme Fighter."  It's everything you wantted to know about Lyme, but know one told you. 

Understanding Lyme


Survival guide for the flu.  Every year 12,000 people die; Corona virus concerns; why masks don't work; how having a healthy immune system is the only way to be healthy. 

Flu Report

Headache Relief

Headaches are NOT normal. Think you have heard it all?  Think again.  Learn about the three prong approach to headaches - cranial adjusting, neural therapy and OTZ.  

Headache Relief

Natural Secrets to Infertility

Learn why for 104 years the West Clinic has been helping with diffculties associated with pregnancy - for women and men.  Vitamin E is the fertility vitamin and neural therapy is a must. What you shoudl know here: 

Infertility Program

Dr West's has written these books

Dr Jason West breaks down the barriers to healing by challenging the accepted medical treatments for chronic illness and disease. Included are stories of hope, why we get sick and problems with the current medical and insurance system.
This book will tell you how to find a difference maker, a healer and how to select a doctor to help you take control of your health. Holistic system of health care that achieve miraculous outcomes and a step by step plan to achieve and maintain optimal health. A discussion of the cutting edge treatments such as intravenous vitamins and minerals, high dose Vitamin C, ozone, chronic pain treatments like neural therapy and true medical collaboration.
This totally unique system addresses diseases from a whole new perspective and provides choices for diseases like Lyme, viral infections, parasites, arthritis, stomach problems, peripheral neuropathy, and bone on bone arthritis. It also tells you why this treatments are not mainstream and delivers for a recipe for healthy vibrant lifestyle.

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